Quotidian Dream

by Sam Tudor

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David Knights Cowling
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David Knights Cowling An easy beauty of Canadian acclaim. Favorite track: Joseph In The Bathroom.
kindyoungsoul thumbnail
kindyoungsoul best rock/folk album I've heard in a long time; full of BOPS Favorite track: Quotidian Boy.
Louis Belcourt
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Louis Belcourt On my favourite track, "Brain Stealers", something about the cheerful cadence of Sams voice contradicting with the cold lyrical message of the song makes for a chilling yet gratifying experience. This seems to be a theme of the album that Tudor executes beautifully and with total candor. Favorite track: Brain Stealers.
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released August 31, 2017

Produced by Sam Tudor. Album art by Michelle Nguyen. Design by Max Littledale. Mastered by Brock McFarlane at CPS Mastering.

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Sam Tudor Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: New Apartment
All alone in your new apartment / there are stains from the ones before
Washing up on a beach of carpet / you were drowned and you found the shore
Little things that keep you sober / keep them close when I’m far away
As the tide is moving lower / I think it’s time for you to stay

Everybody needs a place to hide / in your room safe inside
Keep it with you for another whole try / in your room safe inside
In your room, sanctified

There is something else about you / not the walls but the space inside
In the halls I learned to doubt you / even words need a place to hide
Who are we but the floating remnants / of a collision at the start of all time? All alone in your new apartment / tell yourself it’ll all be fine
Track Name: Quotidian Boy
Sleeping in the house that you were raised inside (like a warzone)
Buy the wood from the same place where grandma died (it’s an old tone)

I've been at the wicket, I been to the bat
Freedom’s gonna give me a heart attack
I got a new leaf blower on a sunny day
Got unlimited strikes but I don’t wanna play

Laying scented candles all around my head (cause they smell good)
Tunnel vision in the aisles of discount bread (buying groceries)

Sometimes I get the feeling I gotta close my tabs
I gotta print my browser history and send it to my dad
I got a new leaf blower on a sunny day
Got unlimited strikes and I don’t wanna play

I've been raised up big and strong in a city of neon gold
I've been given every opportunity to be someone
I think I’ll write another song about a time that I almost kissed a girl
Ask the neighbours if there’s something that I can run from

Track Name: Truthful
There’s curtains on the window / and chairs to block the door
I keep myself a secret / while dancing on the floor
I call I higher power but I cannot connect
I call a higher power but only call collect

I’m trying to be truthful, I am I am I am I am
I’m trying to be truthful, I am I am I am
I don't want to be useful, I can't I can't I can't I can't
I’m trying to be truthful, I am I am I am

The gold that I would paint with is washing off my hands
I write about the beaches but never see the sand
And all the time a filter is wrapped around my head
It bends the words you’re saying and all the words I said

First people say it in writing
Then people say that it’s wrong
Don’t know what I’ve been inviting
Into my songs
Track Name: Brain Stealers
I am confident that I know nothing talking to the hedge next door
Every single body hiding something doesn’t matter anymore
Brain Stealers, look at what you’ve done
Brain Stealers, what have I become

You say that you’re a building in construction reaching for a higher place
Now the work is done you still feel nothing; 20 floors of empty space
Brain Stealers, look at what you’ve done
Brain Stealers, what have I become

I can tell myself while I was sleeping someone took it all away
Even though I know the truth is stranger I don’t have the words to say
Brain Stealers, look at what you’ve done
Brain Stealers, what have I become
Track Name: Joseph In The Bathroom
Joseph’s in the bathroom and the world goes by outside
There is writing on the mirror from the students who have tried to make some words from all the noise that moves around inside their heads – he is looking at the mirror, reading all the things they said
And they say it’s just a game but still they push him from the board and he’s been bundled in the back where all the other games are stored, and every time he puts his hand up high it’s not to get it right his hand’s a waving gps it’s pointing up and out of sight.

No reflections, no reflections. No reflections, no reflections

Autumn’s in the art-room overweight and underfed, and she is beautiful but not from anything that we have said if there was something in the water she was drinking somewhere else all of her shelves are full of bottles that she thinks are for her health and she thought about the talent show the deadline came and went her parents tell themselves its for the best her voice is strange and bent there is a humming in her locker something from the radio it’s just a boring song that no-one likes and Autumn hums it slow

No reflections, no reflections.

And they see me in the highschool gym I’m standing with my friends and I see now we must have shone we must have looked so good to them we were the lucky ones the kids who would get picked up by the claw I want to tell them how I’m fighting back I see what they both saw I want to stick a nail into the tire that’s rolling on their legs I want to run around the circus tent and pull out all the pegs and it’s been hurting me to sing I think I probably do it wrong but here’s a happy song for all of us I don’t’t know where we’ve gone.

No reflections
Track Name: Blue Flower
You’re slow like a moment in between / all the things that I have seen
As the camper van floats off the road
You’re held down by millions of strings / tied yourself to everything
Not enough to keep you on the road

We are sinking we are falling through
Sinking in the foam and blankets too
See it in the floor / hear it through the door

I watch when you leave behind the lights / push your skin into the night
Try your hardest not to breathe at all
You wave to the shapes from on the rise / only there for broken eyes
I’m alone when you are there with them

Oh there's no cracks for your fingers / you crawled to the windows and I tried / it's just another glowing home, that you will never be allowed inside
Track Name: Chlorine
I mostly sit inside all day just staring at the feed
I’ve got a room across the hall with all the things I need
When I run out of toothpaste I can go and get some more
I leave my house and walk a block till I get to the store
I know there’s nothing sad or bad about this life of mine
There’s people getting cavities but my mouths doing fine

When I’m not sad I’m feeling guilty and I feel guilty when I’m sad
Strange that all this normalness can make you feel so bad
Aa a a, a a a

I’m getting education at a decent school in town
The house is kind of drafty but the wi-fi’s rarely down
With everything considered things are going pretty cool
They chlorinate the water while I’m drowning in the pool

(Spacey sax speaks, but to the soul rather than the language computing brain)
Track Name: Clinical Names
You take a lot of showers to wash away your mindset
Television hours are pooling at your feet
Hoping they can place you, label and erase you
Clinical Names are taking all my friends away


All the love I have corrupted on the harddrive
All the love you share is data on a screen
How am I supposed to ever even know you?
Clinical Names are taking all my friends away


I used to dream at night of places with no names
Now all my dreams they look like video games (video games)

You’re reaching out your hands for something to hold on to
Reaching out your hands for something you can trust
We can diagnose you, everything you’re close to
Clinical names are taking all my friends away

Track Name: Holiday
Where did it go? Our lone unconscious speed? We leave it below, and now it’s what we need. We build it ourselves – the prey that makes the snare. We keep it so clean, you’ll never know it’s there.

I know when you’re lost in the real estate, you’re saving all your money for a holiday / gonna make you feel like it’s the only way, saving all your money for a holiday / oh it’s the cost of a frozen place, paying for the color when it’s all gone grey / I know when you’re lost in the real estate, you’re saving all your money for a holiday

The pulled off the sheets – those things below your bed. And when it was time, they crawl into your head. You leave it behind, the codes upon the tree. The wood’s growing in, it’s harder now to see.

I still see it then, when it was just a joke. You’re young by the fire, you’re learning how to smoke. You said that we will be the rulers of an empty state – when everyone has got enough to go away. They’ll take off all the debts that we were raised to pay, and everything we do will be a holiday.
Track Name: Silver Lining Skies
There you are, and you’re happy resting in the sound
That we throw around the room
We all had plans for the night but we’re too gone to do
All the things we want to do

Silver Lining Skies, Silver Lining Skies
Although I know I’ll never know them I can see them in your eyes
Silver Lining Skies

In the room there’s a coffin covered up in foam
And I think about it too hard
You smile and say it’s just an art show sit right here with me
You don’t need to go so far

I am stuck in a cycle I am scared of things that I know I’ll never change
From you I know it’s all an art show watch it from the wings watch it grow and rearrange

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